Shelby Township, MI And The Surrounding Area


Chiropractic Care in Shelby Township, MI

Shelby Township, MI, chiropractic care may provide a solution to your pain and mobility issues. Poirier Chiropractic uses a range of noninvasive treatments, such as chiropractic manipulation and adjustments, traction, strength-training exercises, and deep tissue massage, in an effort to help our clients find relief from back pain, neck pain, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, and acute injuries incurred in automobile accidents or while playing sports. We think you’ll appreciate our relaxed, holistic approach to the management of your pain because we'll treat you as an individual rather than merely as a set of symptoms.

When you seek our services, we’ll perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation that's designed to help us pinpoint the exact causes of your pain or movement limitations. Using that information, we’ll devise a treatment plan that’s as unique as you are.

Quality Care

Shelby Township, MI, chiropractic care may be able to help you achieve a higher quality of life. Get in touch with Poirier Chiropractic today to find out more about what we do and to schedule your free introductory physical exam and consultation.


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